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If You Think You Understand Science, Then This Might Change Your Mind

DNA Testing to Find Your Ancestors

In today’s time, DNA testing is gaining popularity on finding out about a person’s lineage. By linking maternal DNA and paternal DNA, the ancestry databases can be linked to other people whom you might be related to effectively. This helps in figuring out more about your ancestral origin and at the same time, to know where you came from.

First thing that a genealogist require for DNA testing is father to son linkage which tracks the Y-chromosome that only men have. With this in mind, they will be able to observe the Y-chromosome appearing in people and begin to compare them in order to know where the paternal link could be in. In essence, this comparison lets genealogist to find the paternal links among people. Yet another thing that may be done is linking maternal DNA. Its mitochondria lets it track several generations of your ancestry, making it as the most powerful and effective method.

The DNA found in nucleus is changing as the environment changes and for that, it is altered; when compared to mitochondrial DNA, it stays as is because it’s a direct connection from mother to child. By getting a sample of maternal DNA, which is different compared to DNA in nucleus, genealogists are now capable of determining maternal linkage. By getting such information, it allows them to find your lost cousins or even celebrity ancestors.

Can this be very effective in terms of tracing family line and how they could tell who you are related to? Some of the websites focused ancestry create DNA database against which yours could be a match. They save the DNA profile collected by simply getting a mouth swab and run DNA tests. The key here is for them to compare the DNA profiles of other people to what your profile is. To make things simple, this is creating a massive database that can help in determining piece of code that is comparable to yours. For this reason, the database starts to grow more and more and it helps to link people to their relatives as well as ancestors.

What’s more, DNA tests can find out where you originally came from. It is argued that 170000 years ago, humans have left Africa and has migrated somewhere else. Some of them have gone to Southern Africa, Europe and others went to Asia. The DNA tests can show the person’s descendant by comparing their DNA profile to the researched ethnic groups. This is why performing DNA testing to find ancestors is starting to amass popularity amongst people.

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